"I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of Tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience — the establishment of good laws as an example to the World. For I am not raising a Capitol or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy Temple after he model of the World. For my memory I leave it to Men's charitable speeches, to foreign Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time has elapsed." -- Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning (1605), Bk II.

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Join me to explore the hidden tenets of arranged alignments of architecture and art. Structures as diverse as the Great Pyramid, Baalbek, The Tower of the Winds, Hagia Sopia, Basilica San Vitale, The Dome of the Rock, St. Peter's Square, Gisors, The Newport Tower, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, and the Georgia Guidestones all may have a common origin.

Three reproductions of the Tower of the Winds in England help to display how this age old value is viewed through time. Along the way many legends and myths associated with the Holy Grail and other relics are examined.

Treasure myths such as the Oak Island Legend and The Beale Treasure Legend may have a common origin and hidden meaning. The tale of The Bruton Parish Church Vault (a.k.a. "Bacon's Vault) may also be a copy of an already existent mystery at Stirling Castle.


Oak Island and the Arcadian Mysteries. 

Oak Island, Shugborough Hall, and Rennes le Chateau Revealed.

Was there a real treasure at Oak Island or was this all just some kind of scam or ploy?

Click here for a sample of the book linking Thomas Jefferson to the same Bacon family of Sir Francis Bacon. Descendants of the same Bacon family actually worked for President Jefferson in managing his Monticello estate!  https://survivalcell.blogspot.com/p/bacons-rebellionthe-bruton-parish.html

Why do Oak Island, Rennes le Chateau, and Shugborough Hall all include what may be termed the "Arcadian" theme? Oak Island is located in Acadia (Arcadia). Rennes le Chateau includes the Arcadian imagery of Poussin's "The Shepherds of Arcadia" as does the Shepherds Monument of Shugborough. Why? All the answers and much more are here in this new book. It all may be related more to goings on in Scotland in many ways.

Is the original Oak Island folklore present in a book written over two hundred years prior to the mystery being exposed to the public?

How and why the first French governors of French Acadia were made Barons of Nova Scotia by the Baron of Nova Scotia William Alexander of Stirling.

Who is General Alexander of the Continental Army?

How is the development of Washington D.C. related to Oak Island?

How are the famous Knights Templar connected to all of this if at all?

How does "The Da Vinci Code" relate to American history? Here I break down the film and illustrate some amazing correlations.

The life and loves of Bonnie Prince Charlie are very revealing!

The family of Father Sauniere of Rennes le Chateau, The Blanceforts, and de La Tour. 

How are the Beale Treasure, Mystery of the Bruton Parish Church Vault, The Frenchman's Tower of Palo Alto, and streets of Chico California related to Oak Island and beyond? The mysteries of Mt. Shasta even includes many of the same cast of characters in their history.

All of the answers are included in my latest book. This book is almost all entirely new material that will surprise any die hard Oak Island fan.  Also revealed is a great deal about the Beale Treasure, Newport Tower, Stirling Castle and so much more!

LINK TO BOOK SALES :https://www.amazon.com/Oak-Island-Arcadian-Mysteries-Shugborough/dp/1974504824/ref=sr_1_2?gclid=Cj0KCQjwsvrpBRCsARIsAKBR_0I8TiJe2SID-vzI5Qn5Ou2lBLeSoog4wb-NYKEjgXlvrYFPN1mY3vIaAn9sEALw_wcB&hvadid=241598914544&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9032568&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=18264573935163830655&hvtargid=kwd-68997972923&hydadcr=15271_10334722&keywords=cort+lindahl&qid=1564433252&s=books&sr=1-2

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