"I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of Tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience — the establishment of good laws as an example to the World. For I am not raising a Capitol or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy Temple after he model of the World. For my memory I leave it to Men's charitable speeches, to foreign Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time has elapsed." -- Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning (1605), Bk II.


Join me to explore the hidden tenets of arranged alignments of architecture and art. Structures as diverse as the Great Pyramid, Baalbek, The Tower of the Winds, Hagia Sopia, Basilica San Vitale, The Dome of the Rock, St. Peter's Square, Gisors, The Newport Tower, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, and the Georgia Guidestones all may have a common origin.

Three reproductions of the Tower of the Winds in England help to display how this age old value is viewed through time. Along the way many legends and myths associated with the Holy Grail and other relics are examined.

Treasure myths such as the Oak Island Legend and The Beale Treasure Legend may have a common origin and hidden meaning. The tale of The Bruton Parish Church Vault (a.k.a. "Bacon's Vault) may also be a copy of an already existent mystery at Stirling Castle.

The Geomantic Hexagons: Very Large Array, Exmouth, Australia

The Geomantic Hexagons: Very Large Array, Exmouth, Australia
The occult scientific talismans of the modern and ancient world.
-by Bradbury Cort Lindahl

See video on this subject at the bottom of my blog. Also see the Survivalcell channel on youtube for a video about the Exmouth HAARP array in Australia.

The Very Large Array of radio telescopes sits only two hundred yards from the exact 34th parallel as viewed on Google Earth. This large equal "Y" shaped trilateral array forms a nice equilateral triangle if all the end points are connected. The southernmost tip of the triangle sits near the 34th. Surprisingly, the selection of the site of the Very Large Array in New Mexico may have included the influence of the long dead third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson as well as his friend and cohort in the Linnean Society of London Alexander Von Humboldt. 

There are examples of undue interest being shown by both Alexander Von Humboldt and Jefferson in locations included in the Templum now defined by the International Peace Garden on the border of the US and Canada. The site of the IPG may have served as an Axis Mundi or point from which to measure by early Swedish and Norwegian explorers.  Talismans of great philosophical significance may have been hidden along the azimuths suggested by the shape of the their axis.

Many places that seem to be included as part of the templum at the IPG were created prior to the creation of the park suggesting a value of this spot long before that time. While the Very Large Array was created much later than the International Peace Garden it is included as part of what may be considered the Axis of the IPG’s Templum or sphere of influence.

One area of interest that involves Jefferson and Von Humboldt includes the future location of both the Trinity Test site (site of the first atomic explosion) and the Very Large Array of radio telescopes.  In his survey of Spain’s North American holdings Von Humboldt visited and mapped this region. Later Jefferson would use New Mexico as the site of the discovery of hidden treasure in his possible creation of the Beale Treasure grail myth.

At an even increment of 202.5 degrees true north (in between the even 45 degree angles) the octagon of the IPG points an azimuth right between the Trintiy Test Site and the Very Large array. The location of both of these future sites appear on Von Humboldt’s map of New Mexico of 1804.  Prior to  returning to Europe Von Humboldt actually loaned this map to Jefferson to copy as evidenced by correspondence from Von Humboldt requesting the return of the map. 

It is possible that Thomas Jefferson was interested in this region because he knew an azimuth created by the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C. pointed a line to this part of New Mexico. One of the reasons this site may have later been selected was because of Jefferson’s value of the region and its location in relation to the Axis of the Peace Garden.  The scientific and occult themed nature of the region around the VLA and New Mexico in general may also be reflective of Jefferson’s values.

It is possible that both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Von Humbolt were privy to legends of ancient artifacts or treasure being located in this part of the country.  The IPG may have a vast amount of Holy Grail lore associated with it.  Von Humboldt in other publications referred to his interest in some artifacts that had been found in Canada and the northern U.S. prior to the establishment of the United States. These artifacts hiding places may have had similar spatial orientations with the future site of the IPG as that of the VLA to the IPG.

It is highly possible that Thomas Jefferson shared Humboldt’s interest in these lost items (See home page for an article about the Holy Grail in America and both of these men’s possible involvement in searching for the Holy Grail).  Alternately they may have thought additional “grail” artifacts were located here due to this areas spatial relationship with the IPG.  This same region of New Mexico may have also been visited by early Spanish explorer De Soto in his search for Cibola or the mythical city of gold.

The Axis of the Very Large Array

The trilateral or triangle symbol is considered by some to be the occult symbol of power. The triangle or trinity shape is the basis for The Flower of Life and hexagon designs of sacred geometry. Octagons are also comprised of triangles. The triangle formed by the VLA is tilted about five degrees to the east of true north (TN) making this corner the only one exactly on the 34th parallel. The concept of the Trinity is valued by many religious and philosophical groups of the people.

The facility is run by SETI or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Large dish shaped radio telescopes are shuttled about on railroad tracks in the desolate New Mexico desert. This facility was featured in the movie Contact starring Jodie Foster which coincidentally involved the concept of inter-dimensional travel. A modern version of the heaven’s gate of Sumerian mythology. The similarity of this organizations name to the Egyptian god Set is obvious. In addition the layout of the VLA may be meant to represent a Stargate or Heaven’s Gate similar to the concept of Jacob’s Ladder in the Old Testament.

In geomantic terms the VLA is interesting because it is surrounded by four major ley lines of great symbolic importance to the United States.  A line projected from the National Mall in Washington DC, Another From the International Peace Garden on the border of the U.S. and Canada, and one more from the Sacramento Capitol mall in California form an additional triangle around the VLA.

The line from Sacramento is interesting in that it has a thematic similarity to the Trinity which the triangular shape of the VLA represents. In addition a line generated from the array at St. Peter’s Square of the Vatican extends to very  near the southern tip of the larger triangle formed by the IPG, Sacramento Mall, and National Mall.

From plan view with all the lines drawn on Google Earth digiatal globe the design appears as a Merkaba would from plan view.  A Merkaba is a polyhedron composed of two three-dimensional triangles that intersect each other to form a three dimensional Star of David.  In many esoteric belief systems the Merkaba is similar to an aura or force-field around the body. Many attribute the legends of UFO’s, Demons, and even flying carpets to the use of the Merkaba as a means of travel.  The recent Dome of the Rock UFO resembles what a Merkaba may look like while it is functioning. Others believe that the Merkaba facilitates inter-dimensional travel. 

It is remotely possible that the nearby Roswell incident was meant to serve as a ritual of some type in the scheme of the scientific/Occult meme being portrayed in this region of the country.  Also note the presence of the Los Alamos Laboratory to the north of the VLA also very near the line generated from the International Peace Garden. 

The Roswell incident occurred only about six miles south of the even 34th parallel.  Note also that the new Virgin Galactic Spaceport is being built in this region also right on the 33rd parallel.  Are these relationships meant as a symbolic linking of the two places? Was it because Jefferson had valued the area? Did Jefferson and Von Humboldt have information that was telling them something was here?

The actual UFO crash site is almost thirty miles from the town of Roswell that many associate with the incident.  The name Roswell also fits the pattern of many geomantic structures having a place nearby named for the rose.  This ultimately may refer to the Rosy Cross or Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. This coincidence may be a “sub-rosa” or secret sign that something nearby is of importance to those in the know.

Baalbek, Lebanon is also situated very near the even 34th parallel.  A major component of the ruins at Baalbek is a large hexagonal structure (See additional page about Baalbek’s surprising spatial relationship w/ the Great Pyramid). This design can be used to create a large Star of David design on the ground just as the VLA!  Both are very close to being at the same latitude on the Earth. Is it possible that the VLA is a kind of thematic veneration of Baalbek.  Undoubtedly both structures are valued on some level as Stargates or Heaven’s Gates. This is also fascinating in that the VLA is involved in the search for extraterrestrials and both places are considered stargates.  Many thematic and symbolic relationships can be inferred from the Very Large Array. Remember this all ties into the International Peace Garden and its possible use as an Axis by early Scandinavian explorees as early as 1362.

Each site also serves as a giant compass rose delineated on the face of the Earth and align with places of talismanic importance given the group and theme the array was established for. Structural elements of the Axis, usually an octagon or hexagon, are used to created lines of talismanic and practical value.These in turn create ley lines or spiritual lines of power.  Talismans may be placed at points along the line with similar themes or meaning.  Occaisionally opposing forces may battle to control the talismanic intent of a given line. Many incidents in the modern world may attributed to locations associated this way.

The Very Large Array points to some places that share the scientific/trinity theme of the VLA itself.  The eastern tip of the triangle formed by the Very Large Array points to the location of the Trinity Test Site. The TTS was the location of the very first atomic explosion recorded on the face of the earth (not counting possible ancient blasts).  So we have a giant 21 mile sided triangle pointing to the Trinity Test Site.  Note that the TTS was built/occurred first long before the construction of the VLA in 1973 to 1980. The VLA began operation in 1980. Was the VLA oriented just to point at the Trinity Test Site?

This chronology would indicate that the VLA was built to have a thematic similarity to the earlier Trinity Site and possibly, the Roswell UFO incident. In this arrangement the VLA would represent the Axis even though it was built later.  Nothing about the Trinity Site suggests that it was meant as a pointing or sighting device.

It is notable that the VLA is designed to search the heavens for alien life and the Roswell UFO crash happened very nearby. Is it possible that the VLA was placed here because this may have been an area considered attractive to aliens, merkaba’s or UFO’s?  Alternately was Roswell staged and this entire scene is just to lead us away from the real truth?  Is it related to Humbolt and Jefferson’s value of the region?

Continuing this theme is a feature that is located along the line created by the southwesterly pointing tip of the VLA.  This direction can be used to create an azimuth or line on Google Earth that points right to the location of the Lucifer Telescope at Mt. Graham, Arizona.  The Lucifer Telescope is partially administered by the Vatican which also owns several other large telescopes around the world. After transecting the Lucifer Telescope this line continues on to Tucson, Arizona.

JPL and Jack Parsons

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (34deg 11min N. Lat-Same latitude as the Georgia Guidestones) was founded by Jack Parsons who is rumored to have been heavily involved esoteric majic and the occult. Parsons is known to have been a member of the same occult group (OTO) as Alistair Crowley and Ron L. Hubbard. Hubbard is more known for founding the Church of Scientology. Crowley openly thought of himself as the antichrist and "the most evil man in the world." JPL was the forerunner of NASA but still exists as a separate entity today.

It is entirely within the realm of possibility that Parsons and others at JPL were aware of the significance of the 34th and valued its association with Baalbek, Lebanon. As an appreciator of gnostic and occult wisdom Parson's would have valued this latitude and the mantic energy beamed there from Baalbeck. As a practical scientist he may have believed in a higher intelligence different from that taught by a strictly Christian theology as well as embracing ancient forms of religion as a form of protest of the percieved dogma of traditional religions.

Many scoff at the idea that modern scientists would be so superstitious. In examining the state of science, even throughout the twentieth century, it is impossible to ignore the occult beliefs and values of some scientists. It is plain to see in their symbols and talismans. To many people it is unbelievable that men like Parson’s or Thomas Jeffeson would value the occult in this manner.  Any gnostic order of excellence like the Priory of Scion in the Da Vinci Code, may have modern adherents that are involved with JPL, NASA, and SETI. There is some evidence that such a group actually exists. Scientists evolved from alchemists and mystics that evolved from early developed cultures such as the Sumerians and Egyptians. There is still a distant echo of this philosophy in many modern scientists and rational thinkers in the twenty-first century.

There are lots of unconfirmed stories about Jack Parson’s and other OTO (Ordo Tempi Orientis) members doing a sex majic ritual at the future site of Area 51 in the Nevada desert.  Parson’s partner in the sex ritual then had an abortion and the fetus was placed in a cement cylinder at the first detonation of an atomic bomb at the Trinity Test Site.  Whether this is true or not the tale would make the basis of a great horror movie. Many people contend that this story is indeed true.

The Boeing HAARP array at Exmouth, Australia

Many buildings and arrays of monuments constructed on the face of the earth are meant to point the way to other monuments and arrays. This continues the tradition of the Axis Mundi in which a gnomon or center point is established. The first Axis Mundi in Australia we will examine is the Haarp array in Exmouth.  From plan view this facility has many sacred geometrical shapes used in its design.  First is the triangle, Star of David, and the Hexagram. 

Like any geomantic sighting device the shape of this facility can be used to create azimuths or compass directions that may lead to some interesting places that have a theme or philosophical similarity.  In this case the design leads right to the Capitol of Australia.  Not only does it lead to the capitol but to a hexagonal design that is part of the linear array of the Capitol complex itself.  At a bearing of 121.59 deg TN from the center of the west end of the Hexagram a line is inferred that transects Australia right to another hexagram in the Capitol geomantic array. Amazing.

It is hard to believe that this spatial relationship was not intentionally designed. Given that one of the possible functions of Haarp includes mind control it is interesting that the array is physically if not symbolically oriented towards Canberra, the capitol. There is no absolute proof that this Boeing facility is for anything but communicating with submarines. There is a wealth of independent opinions and suspicions that it may serve alternate functions.

Other patterned arrays around the world seem to create the same kind of relationships including the hexagon in the ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon that also seem to work in this fashion.  This array in Exmouth is also very similar to the pattern inferred by the Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico.  The VLA has many symbolic associations with the trinity and other Christian, Gnostic and pagan oriented concepts. The Exmouth array as well as the hexagon in Canberra may have the same symbolic interpretations.

The continent of Australia is also transected by ley lines generated from the Great Pyramid of Giza (GPOG), hexagon of Baalbek, and the windrose compass design of the Vatican.  All of these geometric shapes on the earth serve as Axis Mundi in the Roman tradition whose use may date as far back as ancient Sumeria and Egypt.


The 34th parallel may be representative of something very special to a select group of people.  The predominant symbol is the triangle/hexagon/tree of life image.  There is a clear value of this activity through time.

It is intriguing to ponder the way in which this phenomena is valued in the modern world.  As in the re-creation of Greek and Roman style monuments today is this simple historical veneration or is there some real power inferred by the arrangement of objects on the face of the earth?  Until next time my friends. -Cort