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"I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of Tombs, Theatres, Foundations, Temples, Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience — the establishment of good laws as an example to the World. For I am not raising a Capitol or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human understanding for a holy Temple after he model of the World. For my memory I leave it to Men's charitable speeches, to foreign Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time has elapsed." -- Francis Bacon, Advancement of Learning (1605), Bk II.

"I'm going to build my secrets into the geometry of these buildings because I know books can be burned but buildings not so easily." -Thomas Jefferson

Join me to explore the hidden tenets of arranged alignments of architecture and art. Structures as diverse as the Great Pyramid, Baalbek, The Tower of the Winds, Hagia Sopia, Basilica San Vitale, The Dome of the Rock, St. Peter's Square, Gisors, The Newport Tower, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, and the Georgia Guidestones all may have a common origin.

Three reproductions of the Tower of the Winds in England help to display how this age old value is viewed through time. Along the way many legends and myths associated with the Holy Grail and other relics are examined.

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Mt. Shasta the New Age and the Legacy of John Fremont, Joaquin Miller and John Bidwell.

 The gold rush era of California was an exciting time for those who took part. For many it was a chance to start over again after arriving from points eastward.  Two of these new arrivals would later have a huge impact on the history and lore of the region. John Bidwell came from New York via Ohio and founded a picturesque small town in northern California he named Chico. Ultimately Bidwell was far more successful than his cohort and former boss John Sutter. 

                                                        John Bidwell Founder of Chico.

Joaquin Miller originally known as Cincinnatus Heine Miller from Indiana had a huge impact upon California arts and literature and eventually was known as “the poet of the Sierras.” Miller may have been one of the first counter culture figures in California. As a coincidence both men were land surveyors who were familiar with how to accurately map and place points on the face of the earth. John Bidwell’s life and pursuits are similar to those of Thomas Jefferson.  Coincidentally his brother was named Thomas Jefferson Bidwell. Joaquin Miller’s life and pursuits may have more in common with Queen Elizabeth I’s astrologer Dr. John Dee or eighteenth century mystic Count St. Germain.

John Fremont had an equally great impact on the development of the west. He was the first American to explore many places of interest to the young country. He was the first to see the Golden Gate. Many say he named the Golden Gate after the Golden Horn in Constantinople. It is more likely that the Golden Gate was named for a gate of the same name at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Upon his return Christ is supposed to enter the Temple Mount via the Golden Gate. Today the Muslims who control the Temple Mount have bricked up the Golden Gate so no one may enter there. Fremont likely knew of this symbolism when he named it. In the upcoming gold rush every person that rounded the horn entered California through the Golden Gate.

Bidwell and Fremont would both go on to attain the rank of General in the U.S. Army. Miller was a free thinker and poet. It is not clear if Miller and Bidwell ever met though they lived in the same region at the same time. Bidwell was a serious agriculturalist with many investments while Miller was a literary figure who was viewed as somewhat of an eccentric. If the layers of their differences are peeled away it may become clear that they had many things in common that were considered secret during the era in which they lived.

Bidwell, Fremont, and Miller may have held a status that allowed them to have a huge hidden impact upon local history and indeed the physical development of Northern California. These men were likely aware of the hidden spiritual and practical tenets that dictate the spatial distribution of monuments over the face of the earth. It is within the realm of possibility that these men were Knights Templar Strict Observance American Rite. Evidence indicates that Thomas Jefferson and Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon faith may have both been members of this order. It is also clear that Fremont had many hidden beliefs that may have dictated his actions.

These men may have been members of a cloistered order that had protected this knowledge since the beginning of recorded history on earth. In addition these men were champions of nature who loved and revered the outdoors. This led Bidwell and Miller to both have a friendship and correspondence with famous naturalist and Linnean Society of London member John Muir. These beliefs may have also led Miller to form an Axis Mundi of his own just as John Bidwell would create in Chico.

In 1841 John Bidwell was one of the leaders of the famous Bidwell Bartleson party that was the first group of immigrants to reach California overland. This was about four years prior to Fremont’s exploration of California. Bidwell may have specifically been sent to seek out and secure a point of predetermined significance in relation to a hidden Axis Mundi at the future site of the International Peace Garden on the border of the U.S and Canada. This point on earth represents the east to west axis of North America that may have been established by Scandinavian explorers as early as the mid fourteenth century. These early explorers may have also been Knights Templar and Cistercian monks.

Bidwell’s mission may have been to establish a subordinate axis at the 247.5 degree interval suggested by the octagonal axis of the IPG. Is it a coincidence that Chico lays at this even spatial designation relative to the Peace Garden? (2+4+7=13). A Cistercian Monastery is also part of the modern geomantic array in Chico.

Chico is the name Bidwell selected for his axis.  In addition to being part of the templum of the International Peace Garden Chico was placed at the latitude of the Mason Dixon Line as well. He also formed the street plan to represent a chess board which is the favorite game of Egyptian goddess Ishtar. He named one of the main roads in Chico the Esplanade which is a Roman geography term used to designate a flat habitable area associated with the Axis Mundi. Bidwell created his axis in the form of the city plaza which he donated to the town. He established the axis at the city plaza in a ceremony similar to the one Constantine the Great performed to establish Constantinople. This ceremony may be analogous to the Masonic laying of the cornerstone ceremony on a different scale. This practice may have involved the designation of a secret name to the town. It may also infer that there is another secret sister city to Chico.

Other sites that are part of the Templum of the IPG may include The Very Large Array, Trinity Test Site, Denver CO, Cheyenne Mtn., Baton Rouge LA, The Georgia Guidestones, Jekyll Island GA, Washington D.C. Council Bluffs IA, The Kensington Runestone discovery site, Verendrye Runestone discovery site, and L’ Anse Aux Meadows Newfoundland.

The name “Chico” is very close to the word “Chi-rho” or the greek letters XP which denote the first two letters of “Christ.” Secretly these letters may be a symbol for the method by which they could map locations so accurately in the ancient world. The “Chi-Rho” or Labarum symbol was chosen by Constantine for the sign of Christianity but may have a hidden meaning in that it represents the solar or Celtic Cross that was used as a crude theodolyte or surveyor’s transit. It is possible that the use of this device in ancient times was dictated by a cloistered priesthood that may have evolved into the Cistercian Order of monks and the Knights Templar. Constantine’s true intent may have been to hide this ancient order within Christianity.

This device would have allowed people to accurately plot the locations that they were searching for and would have allowed it all to be planned in advance. The design of the Chico City Plaza resembles the Labarum or Chi-Rho symbol from plan view and symbolically represents a temple from which this device was used to measure the moon and the stars. Other more ancient structures such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid may have been designed in part for the same purpose.

While John Bidwell was busily building an empire Miller was becoming a talented writer and poet. He was a colorful character somewhat reminiscent of writer Mark Twain who wore his beard and hair long. It is rumored that he showed Buffalo Bill how to dress “Western” while in London. He had several wives including a Native American women and an accomplished writer. Poet Miller was rumored to be somewhat of a scallywag with the ladies.

Miller had an interesting history which included living in the Mt. Shasta area near Castle Crags. During this time Miller wrote extensively about the Mountain and the lives of the people surrounding it including many Native Americans. Miller was said to have participated in the Battle of Castle Crags between the settlers and the local native population. The Battle of Castle Crags took place on June, 8, 1855, and is said to be the last battle in which Native Americans fought without using firearms with bow and arrow alone. Coincidentally Miller was wounded in the face with an arrow. In a trend that would be repeated many times in his life many disputed that Miller was present at the battle at all. Though he was accused of many deeds of wrongdoing Miller often was able to prove that he did not do anything to warrant this scandalous reputation. It is possible for some reason that Miller was being intentionally smeared.

In another episode that would be questioned later Miller wrote his classic “A year with the Modocs (Indians).” The book embellished his life near Castle Crags with his Native wife and was actually written in London. Upon his return to California he was accused of fabricating these stories in order to sell books. Either way he was to become a much larger literary figure in Europe than he ever was in his native United States.  While in Europe Miller lived in both London and Rome and became the toast of both cities. During this era Europeans were known to be highly fascinated with the American West.

Both London and Rome have a well established tradition of the Axis Mundi and a value of the directions inferred by that axis. Not much information is available about Millers time in Europe though he did come to be associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The PRB was a group of artists, writers, and philosophers who valued the classic Roman and Greek styles and forms of art and themes of nature over more modern innovations. The PRB seems somewhat similar to the Bohemian Club of San Francisco of which Milller would later be made and honorary member. In the age of Joaquin Miller the Bohemian Club may have had different goals and philosophies than are associated with them today. Like the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood the value of classic art and religious concepts may have always been part of the Bohemian Club’s philosophy. These values also seem to be alive and well in the modern Bohemian Club albeit with a slightly different concept of membership as many members today are not Californians. The so called Illuminati are also said to value Roman and Greek symbolism beyond all others.

Miller likely had already been made aware of the axis mundi concept prior to his time in Europe. Like Thomas Jefferson Miller may have recognized the extent of information that may be revealed by being able to interpret hidden information from both monuments and maps. In an echo of Jefferson’s life Miller was a trained land surveyor who had travelled extensively and seen many ancient sites in Europe. While in Rome and England Miller may have seen the Axis of St. Peter’s Square as well as the much older axes of Avebury and Stonehenge. Having this knowledge may have given Miller many insights into secret societies in Europe just as it may have aided future President Thomas Jefferson in his many travels to the continent.

It is remotely possible that Miller was sent to Europe to gather information in the tradition of Dr. John Dee and St. Germain. Both Dee and St. Germain travelled the courts of Europe using occult knowledge and concepts to gather information and affect the outcomes of important events. Many people speculate that Dr. Dee was an early grandmaster of Masonry during an age in which it was still a strictly secret organization. St. Germain is considered to be one of the individuals who helped to create the modern form of Masonry. He is known as an “Ascended Master” and by coincidence has a central role in the mythology of the Mt. Shasta area. Many also suspect that St. Germain had an influential hidden hand in the creation of the United States of America as well.

Two of the most strange and bizarre incidents of early American history are attributed to St. Germain. As the representatives were debating whether to sign the Declaration of Independence or not a strange cloaked figure appeared and spoke from the mezzanine of Independence Hall. This person gave an impassioned speech admonishing some for being reluctant to sign such a document when so much was at stake. After the speech the figure mysteriously disappeared from the hall though all the entrances were locked and guarded. It is said that this speech turned the tide of the debate and all rushed to sign after being inspired by this individual. This story is repeated by many of the founding fathers that were present at the time.

Sometime after the war a committee was formed to develop the Great Seal of the United States. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were both members of this committee and a great debate ensued over which design to adapt for the seal. At one point Jefferson left the meeting hall to get a breath of fresh air outside. He was approached by a mysterious cloaked figure who gave him a rendering of the future seal and then disappeared into the shadows. It is the back or second half of this design that now appears on the back of the U.S. dollar bill that depicts an uncapped pyramid, the all seeing eye and the motto “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” Somehow the legend inspired by these two incidents came to associate St. Germain with this mysterious figure. (Manly P. Hall “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.”)

In 1930 while hiking on the slopes of the mountain mining engineer Guy Ballard claims to have had an encounter with St. Germian. Part of the legend of St. Germain is that he never aged or died. He is most well known for his activities prior to the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution. Many speculate that St. Germain was a member of the Illuminati. It is rumored that St. Germain is a “vampire.”

Ballard wrote extensively about this and other encounters with St. Germain and eventually developed what it known as the “I Am Activity.” This philosophy is basically a Christian faith in which St. Germain as well as Guy and Edna Ballard are considered to be Ascended Masters along with Jesus Christ and other luminaries. The entire concept of what an Ascended Master is may have been developed by these incidents. It seems that many New Age concepts first came into being at Mt. Shasta.

It is within the realm of possibility that Miller, Bidwell, and Fremont were all members of the Knights Templar Strict observance. The Strict Observance is a form of European Masonry that was developed in Germany and France. This order may have been controlled by Prussian Royalty of which Von Humboldt was a member. During the Revolutionary War this form of Masonry may have been favored in the United States of America. Records and correspondence indicate that St. Germain played a central role in the creation of the Rite of Strict Observance and may have influenced its development in the newly formed United States.

This is amazing in that Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Smith, and Alexander Von Humboldt may have been members of this order. All of these men were contemporaries of St. Germain. There is clear evidence that these men were interested in locating lost objects that may have been considered the Holy Grail. Their membership in this specific order may have dictated this interest. In an ancient tradition Jefferson created axes and corresponding ley lines at both Washington D.C. and his summer home Poplar Forest.

It would be well within the realm of possibility that Fremont would leave clues that only those of the order would understand. Also not to be overlooked is St. Germain’s central role in the new age and occult lore of the Mt. Shasta area. Regardless of what is fact or fiction whom ever left the glyphs may have been laying the groundwork for the future mythology of Mt. Shasta and the reality or myth of ascended master St. Germain.

Upon his return to the U.S. from Europe Miller moved to the Bay Area and fell in with the literary crowd there while he settled on his 75 acre estate known as the “Hights.” Miller insisted for some reason on using this incorrect spelling for his property (heights). It was during this period that Miller became an honorary member of the Bohemian Club. It was also during this period that Miller worked as a writer for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Miller spent several months in Alaska reporting on the Klondike gold rush. There are no records that indicate he was a Mason or member of some other secret society beyond his honorary membership in the Bohemian Club. It is possible that he became a Mason during his early days in Oregon or Northern California.

It is clear from the evidence left behind that he was indeed a well versed member of some such group as he left behind a legacy and trail of evidence that reveals he may have valued the spatial distribution of objects and monuments in relation to a central axis in an occult or talismanic manner. In the end it was members of the Bohemian Club that fulfilled Millers wishes to be burned on a funeral pyre located on the Hights Estate due to the fact that his wife found that distasteful. It may also be that the Bohemian Club values these types of arrays in a similar manner to the KTSO.

Earlier in Millers life he was a miner and lived near Castle Crags at the confluence of Castle Creek and the Sacramento River. In the 1930’s some local boys were excited to have found some strange rock art incised on boulders adjacent to Castle Creek. The rock art was composed of occult symbols valued by secret societies and did not seem to have been left by Native Americans. The style and form of these petroglyphs does not resemble any of the artwork left by the local tribes. Images of a man and women’s hand one with the all seeing eye in the center and another with a swastika are present along with a rendering of the head of a bull, some Maltese crosses, an ankh, and two intersecting triangles. The inscriptions do contain the letter M proceeded by another letter that is too worn to read. Could these letters be the initials “J.M.” or “C.M.” if it was before Miller changed his name? Given the mythology of St. Germain that states he was immortal is it possible that Joaquin Miller was St. Germain?

Prior to the 1930’s legends of Lemurians living beneath Mt. Shasta in subterranean chambers were wildly circulating the area. A series of books written years before that had no factual basis were responsible for all of the legends and lore. The legend of Lumuria may have begun in a tradition that seems to be intentionally kept alive at Mt. Shasta. In the late nineteenth century Siskiyou resident Frederick Spencer wrote “A Dweller on Two Plants, or, the dividing of the Way.’ This book was dictated to Spencer by “entities” and may be the actual root of the Shasta Lemurian legends. In the book he describes a lost city beneath the mountain associated with Lemuria.

Subsequently a series of other books and articles supported the notion of the existence of a lost race or hollow earth entrance somewhere on or under the mountain. Finally in 1931 around the time the boys identified the petroglyphs the Rosicrucian Order published a book by Wisar Spenle Cerve entitled “Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific.” (http://www.siskiyous.edu/shasta/fol/lem/index.htm-College of the Siskiyous)

After the glyphs had been discovered by the boys and man named Frank Bascombe of the U.S. Forest service examined the glyphs and stated that they might be from Lemuria! This part of the tale is almost too much to believe. In a subsequent discovery Bascombe would claim that a large rock on the slopes of Mt. Shasta was a carved “Sphinx.” It seems Mr. Bascombe may have been influenced by all of the lore and legend that had seemingly been created out of thin air. It is remotely possible given this time frame that Bascombe was a member of the Rosicrucian Order or the I AM Activity of Ballard’s.

Strangely similar inscriptions including some of the same exact figures present at Castle Crags have been found near Millers estate in Oakland and at one site in Genoa, Nevada. Is it possible that Joaquin Miller is the man responsible for the Castle Crags petroglyphs? He spent extensive amounts of time at or very near some of the locations these designs have been found to date. He did live within four miles of the site of the Crags petroglyphs and may have had the “Masonic” values that these symbols suggest. Subsequently, after obtaining his property in Oakland Miller may have added similar inscriptions there at a later date.  Most of the additional inscriptions are within two miles of Millers Home both at the Crags and in Oakland. Miller was known to be an avid hiker who hosted many popular naturalists and artists at the Hights. Today Miller’s estate is preserved and is now known as Joaquin Miller Park.

Supporting the notion that Miller was an adherent or practitioner of geomancy is the fact that he constructed a small stone pyramid as well as a tower dedicated to explorer Fremont on his property. Miller claimed it was from this point that Fremont first viewed the Golden Gate. His knowledge and awareness of this value of spatial arrangements may be illustrated by the fact that this pyramid on the property he specifically obtained is directly due south 180 degrees true north from the peak of Mt. Shasta (or 0 degrees from the pyramid to the peak). The western orientation of Miller’s pyramid also forms an azimuth that travels to the west right through the Golden Gate and another that transects to Bohemian Grove! It is highly unlikely that this arrangement was a coincidence. It is possible that Miller searched for and bought this property because it had this specific spatial association with Mt. Shasta, The Golden Gate and the Bohemian Grove.

The largest piece of evidence suggesting Miller had a value of this practice may be revealed by examining Millers two year residence in Washington District of Columbia. It seems Miller may have had a desire to occupy a specific longitude of that city and may have moved there for this reason alone. After his trip to Europe and prior to moving to the Hights miller lived in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a city known for its arrays and patterns of monuments that may have secret or hidden meanings to them. One of the most obvious alignments in the city demarks the so called “Sacred Longitude” or Washington meridian. Monuments placed on this longitude include Meridian Hill Park that was intended to mark this longitude. Further south along this line is the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, The star design in the streets of the city, The White House, The Jefferson pierstone, The Jefferson Memorial, Regan Airport, Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Fort Washington, and finally Rose Hill, Maryland.

During Miller’s time in Washington he built and lived in a log cabin right on the Sacred Longitude in what would later become Meridian Hill Park. Meridian Hill park was later constructed to mark this specific longitude. The fact that he desired to live here coupled with other values he had through his life suggests that he was aware of and valued the ancient arts of geomancy, and the Celtic Cross. Also compelling is the fact that Thomas Jefferson a possible member of the same order as Miller designed the array in D.C. that Miller valued.

It may have been during his time in Rome and London Miller became a member of a group that dictates or records all of these types of axes in the world. This value may have led him to have a desire and value of living on the Sacred Longitude. Perhaps he felt he could either effect or absorb some sort of energy from this location. His life in D.C. may have also inspired him to view Mt. Shasta as an Axis Mundi.

These same values may have later led him to purchase his property in Oakland as well as build his pyramid to attain this important spatial relationship with Mt. Shasta, Bohemian Grove and the Golden Gate. He was trying to establish a similar axis using Mt. Shasta as the Axis Mundi or temple to anchor the system. This may mean there are other significant directions and subordinate axes that have talismanic meaning associated with the mountain.

This value may have also led him to create an axis out of his pyramid as the even 315 degree angle from the pyramid points directly to the Bohemian Gove near Monte Rio, California. The 0 degree north heading leads to the peak of Mt. Shasta. The 270 degree bearing or heading transects the Golden Gate perfectly. Also located along this line due north of the Miller pyramid is a labyrinth that is located within Joaquin Miller Park boundaries. Many geomantic systems have labyrinths included as a component of the array including the one in Chico. At some point this labyrinth may have been intentionally constructed to form an even spatial relationship to Miller’s pyramid.

Miller was a member of the Bohemian Club and was known to attend the yearly gathering at the grove. Many famous California naturalists and artists were members of the Bohemian Club at this time. At this time the Bohemian Club seemed exclusive to California and did not include the wide range of members it has today. Note that the exact 123’rd degree of longitude occurs on the Bohemian Grove property.

One of Millers more popular works was a play entitled “First Families of the Sierras.” This play was only second to the popularity of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” at that time. Miller’s play told the tale of a family that was being pursued by a secret caste of Mormons known as the “Danites.” The Danites were said to be the militant secret service of the church in its early days though many debate the existence of this group. The play depicted the harassment and pursuit of one of the families of a man that took part in Joseph Smith Jr.’s assassination. For this reason the Danites were punishing each family that had taken part in that act. Evidence indicates that Joseph Smith was aware of geomancy and may have found the golden tablets in such a context. Later in life Miller expressed regret for the anti-Mormon tone of the play.

Research reveals that the Mormon Church may have the same value of the spatial distribution of monuments and events that Miller and Bidwell had. Ironically today the Latter Day Saints Temple in Oakland is located directly adjacent to Joaquin Miller Park. The temple there is a striking building with an extensive linear park associated. One wonders if Millers play was somehow involved in the silent war that goes on between factions that value this activity and if the Temple was not placed at that spot intentionally for talismanic purposes? It is also possible that at some point Miller realized he and Smith were members of the same order and regretted his earlier criticisms.

All of this evidence added up may infer that Miller was the individual who left the strange Masonic designs that grace the boulders of Castle Creek. As a coincidence John Bidwell had visited the same spot at Castle Crags years later in 1877.

In their 1877 trip to Mt. Shasta the Bidwells were accompanied by John Muir as well as Linnean Society of London members Asa Gray, and John Dalton Hooker. Hooker is famous in Chico as the Bidwell’s had named a huge oak in Chico in honor of him in a ceremony that is reminiscent of a similar Druidic ceremony practiced in ancient times. Recently samples that Darwin had collected on his famous voyage of discovery had been found in London where J.D. Hooker had misplaced them over a hundred years prior!

The Linnean society still exists today and has included past luminaries such as Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Von Humboldt as members. In fact Hooker and Darwin were related via marriage. It is not clear if Bidwell was a member of the Linnean Society of London or not but he was known to be friends and associates with many of its members as he had a great interest in botany and agriculture. Miller also had a known association and friendship with Muir.

The LSOL may be responsible for the establishment of Tower Grove Park and subsequent Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. The caretaker’s home at Tower Grove is of the same style and resembles Bidwell Mansion in Chico. Tower Grove Park is also home to an array of statuary that is similar to the array at the Shönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria (“pointed to” by an azimuth extending from the center of St. Peter’s via the ENE windrose marker). The array at Tower Grove includes statues of Aphrodite and LSOL member Alexander Von Humboldt as well as a contrived array of ruins similar to that of the Shönbrunn Palace

Linnean Society Members Pehr Kalm and Von Humboldt had previously written of their interest in the “holy grail” as well as other “relics” that may have been hidden by Europeans in North America long before Columbus was said to have discovered the continent. These objects may have been hidden using the spatial arrangements of monuments as clues that may reveal their location. Indeed part of the hidden knowledge these men valued may have included evidence that these facts were true.

Vital components of the way these items were hidden and searched for involved knowledge of the hidden axes or significant places that were valued and intentionally arranged. The monument at each place had to be examined for directional and informational clues in order to solve the mystery or lead to the next clue. In this manner adepts of a given order may be sent on a type of vision quest in which they come to understand the world in its “real” context while learning philosophies important to the order.

Given the possible Masonic bent of Bidwell and his fellow travelers it is also possible that they may have been the ones who left the petroglyphs at Castle Crags behind. Alternately they may have known that Fremont left them and were simply trying to relocate them. It is possible that the glyphs contained an important clue that would have been valued by members of a given philosophy?

It is also possible that on their trip to Shasta the party spent a few days in the Castle Crags area and one or more of them may have taken the time to create the inscriptions before the party moved on to Mt. Shasta itself. It is also possible that if Fremont left the glyphs that Bidwell et. al. may have added the red pigment that used to be present in the some of the gyphs.

During the trip a newly discovered plant was named for Castle Crags by Dr. Gray. It also may have been at this time that plans were being hatched to make the mountain itself an axis mundi and to instill a corresponding lore or mythology begun by Fremont as part of that process. Alternately they had learned that Miller had established and axis at the mountain and added the glyphs at that time. It is also possible that John Muir is the one who established Mt. Shasta as an axis because he summited the mountain several times. Fremont never climbed Mt. Shasta.

Is it surprising that men like Miller and Bidwell valued such a breathtaking natural feature like Mt. Shasta to the degree they would give it the status as a temple? Given the philosophy of Miller, the LSOL and Bidwell it is not out of the question that they would revere such a grand natural feature to this degree. They may have viewed Mt. Shasta as a cathedral of nature that reflected their values perfectly.

These men are not alone in their admiration and respect for the mountain. Given the characters and lore associated with this place it is clear that this point on earth holds special talismanic value to those who value nature in an occult or secret manner. This concept is also apparent at other points on earth that have gained the same designation or status of Mt. Shasta in new age philosophy. Many consider Mt. Shasta to be the “throat chakra” of the earth.

Mt. Ararat in Turkey not only resembles Mt. Shasta but has a similar mythology which includes the story of Noah’s Ark resting there after the great flood. Much of the same lore has indeed sprung up around many of the man made temples such as the Great Pyramid and the ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon. The promise of treasure or lost relics may induce many into these mysteries who instead may be led to spiritual treasures. The mysteries of the Lost Ark of the Covenant, as well as all of the lore surrounding Rennes Le Chateau in France may be constructed for a similar purpose.  What mysteries does the axis of Mt. Shasta conceal?

In the end given the evidence it is most likely that Fremont was responsible for the inscriptions at Castle Crags and on Miller’s Property in Oakland. Other inscriptions of this type have been found on the western front of the Rocky Mountains in Utah and at Hickison Summit along route 50 in Nevada. These glyphs match the routes of Fremonts routes of travels during this period. Some postulate that it was the eastern Native American guides that Fremont used that had left the designs. Alternately these glyphs may represent some unknown Masonic code or cipher that only members of the same group could decipher. Many of the designs resemble Masonic or Enochian symbols that may be valued by members of many occult groups. In Genoa, Nevada the inscriptions may have been placed to mark a trail that would be later known as Kingsbury Grade. Fremont may have used this route to reach the valley of California via Lake Tahoe for the first time.

Each group of inscriptions or glyphs including the Castle Crags petroglyphs lays along the routes Fremont traveled in his three expeditions of exploration in the west. It is interesting that three of the most famous influential early Californians visited at or near the site of the Crags glyphs. Was Fremont a Mason? There are no definite records of this but one famous painting of Fremont shows him with his right hand tucked into his shirt in a similar pose to that Napoleon Bonaparte is famous for. Many point to this symbolism as representing the “hidden hand” of a secret group of people who may influence such events.

The development of this lore in Mt. Shasta is easy to see given the relatively recent time frame of most of the events that seem to be generating the folklore there. This raises some unsettling questions. If this is the way the mystique of Mt. Shasta is being developed then are all the grail myths and legends associated with other similarly revered spots just as contrived and manipulated? The answer is unknown. Would it really make any difference to a given faith or philosophy if the nuts and bolts of its creation were laid bare? It is also highly possible that the stories we are being given with regard to Mt. Shasta and other sacred spots are there to cover up a much larger and infinitely more bizarre truth.

Regardless of whom you are and what your philosophical associations are it is easy to see why people become intoxicated with such a wonderful place. Just looking at the mountain makes one feel exhilarated and instills wonder and admiration for God and nature better than any man made structure ever could. No wonder St. Germain would choose Shasta as one of his stomping grounds!

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